Sherri Shadbash

I started to paint when I was four years old, and I studied my art under apprenticeship of the most famous and supreme master of Iran.
in the beginning i started to explore the world of art with water color and color pencil then i continued with graphite pencil, pen, ink, crayons, charcoal, pastel, gouache, acrylic and oil paint.
despite my interest in fine arts, i have been always curious and interested in other types of art so i have created works in various artistic genres like mosaic, plaster carving, painting on glass and painting on earthenware.
because I was born in a country which is the cradle of art and have had the opportunity to grow up in artistic family, i also got a chance to explore in the world of music and learned how to play the Santour(Dulcimer). continuing my love of all forms of artistic expression, i studied traditional architecture and architectural technology engineering at azad tehran university.
i started to work on oil painting professionally in 2000 then i gained experience in sketching and working with ink in 2009.
I have held several private and public exhibitions to showcase these works.
i was always interested in modern works in art and architecture because of that i have worked within Cubism, Impressionism and Surrealism.
i have also tried one stroke technique in some of my works. though i worked in different styles, but most of my works fall within the realm of Realism with a combination of impressionism.
my passion for art has no description and will never end because art is an undeniable part of me. the chance to peruse my artistic vision and interest would have been impossible without my fabulous family who were always supporting me.

individual Exhibitions


group exhibitions

"amazing work! I love the life expressed in these paintings and the use of light and color. the attention to details, the brush strokes, the texture, the emotion in these paintings...
Shawn Fisher
Beverly, MA
"beautiful works!
keep it up!"
Farnoush Safavi
Boston, MA
"wonderful job Sherri!
it was a pleasure to have you in my class 2 or 3 years ago...
take care"
L. Brand
"it was an honor to see your works.
wish you all the best!"

Art Resume


2011 - Present

M.A.H Private Classes

as a professional artist developing and implementing dynamic lessons to teach a rich variety of artistic techniques in all mediums.


Touch Art Gallery

Instructing workshops to beginners and trained group of people.

2008 - 2011

Shadbash Artistic and painting Company

Owner and instructor



BA in Architecture


Associate Degree in Traditional Architecture


Fine Art Courses